Very last minute gift ideas
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Very last minute great gifts! In today’s world of quick shipping, your options are endless!

In my family there were always a few of us (usually the boys in the family) that didn’t have gifts up until the last day or two. The gas stations or drug stores were the only options and the gifts came “wrapped” in a brown paper bag. Chia pet anyone?

Then came along gift cards, which were a great last minute option but so impersonal.

Now, we have 2 day, 1 day, and even same day delivery options from Amazon and other retailers. And not just on cheesy items, fast delivery on some of the best quality name brand items around! There are a lot of lists out there leading you to tons of crazy stuff; but I have hand picked all of these items out myself as special gift choices for your friends and family.

So this list is for you procrastinators, including me LOL Make it count: make it special.

Note: Amazon delivery is different for different areas on each item, so please check out deliver times.  Here is what amazon posted and then here are some of my suggestions among the millions of items!

Prices are subject to change.

This post contains affiliate links, which means at no cost to you, I may receive a small commission if you buy items through my site. If you do thank you so much. All opinions are my own.

Here are my picks for super special last minute gifts! You can click the highlighted names or check out the quick shopping links at the end.

For the Entertainer

Cheese board with knives: I can never find the right dish and board for crackers and cheese. Then I have to hunt for cheese knives and I wind up having a crazy selection of them. This is a great all in one cheese board with cracker slots and a hidden drawer of knives.

For the Baker

Wilton Gel Color Set of 12 – A great set of premium gel colors is so wonderful to have on hand. Don’t buy the imitations. I like the Wilton Brand.

Writer Bottles – These cute little bottles make cookie decorating so fun. Set out different color icing in each one and you’re ready to create. I have recently been learning different ways to decorate cookies and I truly enjoy it, even though I’m not very good at it. Make sure to look up your favorite youtube baker for ideas!

Wilton 55 piece Tip Set –  No more searching for the right tip; this set contains so may options plus a great little case so you don’t lose anything. I think I need to get on for myself. Again, it is Wilton which is a brand I trust. Smaller sets available too.

Russian Piping Tips – does your gift receiver (or you) already have regular tips? These look AMAZING! You have to see what they can do to see why they are so unique.

I have to admit they have been on my list for a long time and I have yet to try them. Hint Hint to any last minute gift givers buying for me!

Luxury for the woman in your life

Longvadon – this is a brand that I am familiar with since I have my boutique. They are  watch bands that fit the Apple watch and they are absolutely gorgeous.

This band comes in several sizes, styles and colors. (for men too, see below)


For Anyone

Tea Drops – I was lucky enough to have met the wonderful inventor of this unique tea. All you have to do is drop them into your hot water. No chemical bags, no steeping balls. Perfect for travel too!

What a great idea; wish I would have thought of that.

YETI Rambler – I know what you’re thinking, another reusable cup. But I swear I am incredible picky about my drink holders and this one is well thought out! It is NOT a cup, it is a koozie or sorts but way better. It keeps your cold drinks cold longer and in Arizona this is a must. They also have a tumbler with a lid that holds a straw – just what I was looking for. Make sure you get the YETI brand of these and not the imitations.

23 and Me DNA Test – amazing to see exactly where you are from. Last year I bought this for both my parents and step-mother. It was a big hit. You can also pay extra and get the one with health info.

For Your Significant Other

Nespresso – The creme de la creme of coffee and espresso makers. Yes! You can get an authentic Nespresso machine quickly and make someone super happy.

Some models are for coffee and espresso, some only for espresso. The milk frother is optional, but I find it a necessary add-on for the perfect latte.

I do own an original Nespresso espresso and milk frother and am so happy I can now get the pods quickly from Amazon. Here’s one option, but seriously pick the machine that suits your needs best.

Starbucks Nespresso Pods – Add these to your gift or buy them for the person you know already has a Nespresso machine.

For the Kids

Fuji Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera Kit – This darling little camera takes great little instant photos. I purchased one each for my niece and nephew and they loved them. This kit comes with a lot of fun extras, filters, film and more.

For the Techie

Apple Air Pods – Yes, again. Authentic Apple products shipped last minute. Air pods are revolutionary wireless headphones. Did you know there’s a built in microphone too so you can take calls?

There are many Apple products that you can get last minute; make sure to check they are sold by Apple, which the one I have linked is!

Amazon Dot  – music or news plus adjust your in home lighting with this small but powerful device. Add one to every room for the ultimate smart home.

Stocking Stuffers

Silicone Mug Covers – Keep you coffee hot and steamy for longer with these adorable little covers. I bought 2 while I was in France and use them every day. When my friends started asking where they could get them I had to find them.

For the Traveler check out my previous post HERE for many items – a lot with next day shipping!

Well, that’s not all folks. By any means! But these ideas should give you a start!

Tips for buying online. Make it a point to always see which store is selling the item. Try to buy from the original maker of the product if possible, or from a company that you know of. If you are unfamiliar the company, make sure to check the reviews before purchasing. Usually prime sellers are a good bet because they have been approved to sell/ship 2 day or the items are in the Amazon warehouse already.

Happy Shopping!

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