Rock Painting Station Paints Rocks Brushes, Sealer, Brushes

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List of Supplies Needed for

Beginning Rock Painting

Here’s a list (some with links) of the basics, and some not-so-basic supplies to start out your rock painting adventure. Right now some of these items are sold out and hard to find, so I will try to come back and update the links when I find availability.

Want to know how to get started….check out my blog on Beginning Rock Painting.


If you can’t find rocks you can buy them, light colored work best….


You can prime your rock with paint but sometimes a primer fills the nooks and crannies way better. You can also prime with Mod Podge.

3)Acrylic Paint

4)Paint Pens

Uni-Posca 21 colors $45 aprox $2.15. -$2.50 each *beware of price gauging

5)Paint Brushes

6)Dotting Tools

7)Spay Sealer

This step is to seal permanent markers so it doesn’t bleed or to seal labels on the back. You still need to spray seal after this step.

8)Mod Podge

Other Rock Painting Supplies

9)Vinyl Tablecloth