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Macy’s Labor Day Sale has some kitchen items not to miss! LAST DAY * Plus so much more on sale!

Happy Labor Day and last day of the 3 day weekend. I wasn’t going to do this post (that’s why it’s last minute) but some of these deals were too good to pass up mentioning. It’s the LAST DAY so make sure to check them out right away.   I picked out a few kitchen increda-deals before the sale ends TODAY. There’s also a code (WKND) for 20% more off SOME ITEMS, exclusions apply. Most of these kitchen specials won’t work with the coupon because they are already marked down so much, but you might want to buy other items that this discount will apply. Links to all departments are at the end.

I love to cook and there’s nothing more frustrating than trying a new recipe and messing it up.  Having these top notch appliances will help you cook like the pros. Ok, I did say “help”.  It does take a lot of practice too, but at least you’ll look like one. Fake it till you make it,  someone in my family always said…now who was that?

The kitchen appliance that I use the most is my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer (see pic below). Yes, I make a lot of cookies, cakes, dumplings, dough, and brownies!  This beauty comes in about 24 colors – WOW.  I’m wanting to add the pasta maker to mine , and it is $100 off right now! Then I’ll be able to make my own pasta. I like pasta made with Italian Semolina flour – it seems to be a little easier on my stomach. I noticed this after a 3 week trip to Italy with no stomach issues for me after eating gobs of pasta and bread several times a day. So the only way I can get fresh pasta made with this flour is head to Eataly in LA or Vegas, or make my own. Even though you can’t use the extra 20% code on it, the price is already incredible!

Also, every year come holiday-time I am missing this kitchen staple. Every. Darn. Year. A huge cutting board (see pic below) for prep and carving. This kind is the one that catches the juice of your turkey, beef, or turducken…ick for me. Usually juice is dripping all over the counter and there’s a big mess. I’m seriously glad I saw this BEFORE the holidays this year.

A food processor is another staple for your kitchen, however if you already have one, or you have a Vitamix, you’ll also want to get a small one. They used to be called “little Oscar” in my day, yes I’m showing my age. Now they have several brands and varieties, but I especially like that this Kitchen Aid Mini Food Processor (see pic below) comes in so many colors – me again with all of the colors! Perfect for a chunk of cheese or an onion or two. I use mine all the time. Do in seconds what takes so long and without the stinky hands. One of my favorite recipes is Linguini with Procuitto and Olives (will post soon). If I have the time I slice each olive in tiny circles, but sometimes it’s perfect just to throw them in the mini food processor and viola! The larger models are also on sale – the Cuisinart is my favorite. Check them out here.

Having bad pots and pans is one of the main reasons your recipe doesn’t come out at expected. Professional cookware is SO expensive that it’s hard to afford. So Macy’s has a 7 piece All Clad set (see pic below) made for them, and it is a good price as is, and with the sale it is more than half off! Add a few non-stick pans to your collection and you are all set.

I’ve been eyeing a Vitamix for years (see pic below). As a mother usually does, I skipped one for me and bought one for my daughter for college graduation. The millenial’s starter kitchen is very different than ours were and a mixer isn’t yet on their list of must-haves. They are incredible machines and I am super jealous! Have you been waiting to get one? They rarely go on sale and most models are on sale through today. The one I chose is the mid-priced model. Check it out.

Lastly, this has nothing to do with your kitchen prep, and they are not on sale this weekend- but it does have to do with entertaining, and I felt I HAD to share my find. As I was searching for these great deals, I came upon these donuts on the Macy’s website. Donuts at Macy’s?! I don’t know about you but I LOVE donuts and while I’m not sure they taste as good as a fresh, warm Krispy Kreme, they are super cute and would look great on a cake tray for a party, or as a gift to a friend that needs some cheering up. Who doesn’t like chocolate right?!

Macy’s Kitchen Aid 5Qt Artisan Stand Mixer Sale $299.99

Macy’s Kitchen Aid Mini Food Processor Sale $44.99

Macy’s All Clad 7 piece Cookware Sale $299.99

Macy’s  Martha Stuart 14×20 Roasting Board Sale $31.99

Macy’s Vitamix A3500 Sale $549

Macy’s  Donuts – Chocolate Covered

That’s all for this quick post but please check out the sale, because so much is on it! Have a safe and happy Labor Day.


Macy’s says there are 166549 items on sale in their Labor Day Sale so don’t just check out the kitchen.  See all of their sale items HERE or click on one of the links below. HAPPY SHOPPING!








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