Trader Joe's Holiday Gifts and Decor Items
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Have you seen Trader Joe’s Holiday Gifts and Decor – Wow!

I was at a party tonight and my friend had a wonderful spread of appetizers including the Veggie Pouches that were in my top ten list of Trader Joe’s holiday food in my last blog post.

I noticed she had sweet and sour sauce with them; a suggestion my “tasters” added and one that was mentioned in that past blog too.

I was excited to think that my friend enjoyed the blog so much and took the recommendations and mentioned it to one of the guests!

Well the conversation turned to everything we all love at TJ’s. And what we realized was this: even though we love it and shop there, there are always surprises and new items around every turn that we have yet to try.

That’s what makes shopping there so much fun. It’s a culinary treat to say the least. But hidden among all of the food is a selection of holiday gift sets I have apparently passed by for years. Plus the huge selection of food gifts is a such a delight.

Any hostess or co-worker would be thrilled to be given one of these. Grab them all as soon as you see them and have them ready to go because some of them do sell out quickly.

Hey, by the way, you don’t have to remember all of this either; at the end of this blog is a printable for you, so that you can remember all of the different gifts Trader Joe’s has, and then mark the list for what you’re looking for!

Don’t forget to get all of the special holiday food for your party while you’re there too. Check out the full list of holiday food items in my last blog HERE and also on the blog is a downloadable list so you can check things off as you find them.

Since I didn’t taste most of the gift items, I have listed them below in pictures. Maybe next year we will do a taste test of all of the gift items like I did with the appetizers and snacks this year.

Let me show you all of the fun:


Food Gifts & Food Sets

Special Holiday Gifts


Holiday Decor

So many things, right! So run out now and grab what’s left and make sure to print out this list HERE to help your shopping experience.

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