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10 + Must-Have Items for 3 Weeks in Europe for the Not-So-Light Packer

Packing isn’t easy for me; I never can figure out what I can live without and I always think I can’t, or don’t want to, travel without everything! So, after spending MONTHS “preparing to pack” for our 3 week trip to Italy for our wedding and honeymoon the day finally came.

We had an incredible but simple wedding, and a wonderful honeymoon. The withdrawals from returning home from such a fantastic time are real.  In the future I may do a blog post on all of the steps it takes to get married in Italy; it was a lot of work but so worth it.

The Beautiful Next Positano
I do….Positano Wedding

I now can look back to the items that I so diligently researched and stockpiled for months, and pass on to you what I loved taking along. I am definitely not a light packer, but please also remember it was our wedding. I know I packed things that you may be able to live without … or not. 🙂

Also, we  took advantage of any help we could get along the way, porters, bell caps, etc.  Remember the streets are cobblestone in a lot of European cities. (see pic of my happy bellman, aka husband) Of course the lighter the better, but some things you just NEED to take along!

The Beautiful Next Florence
My husband was so patient with all of this luggage!


My actual packed suitcase. One of them. The other one had wedding stuff in it.

1) Phone Case on a Strap by Bandolier


This was by far the best purchase that I could have made!  I knew my phone camera was good enough for photos but I also knew that cell phones are the number one item stolen in Europe. I worried that every time I took it out of my pocket, someone would take it and grab it.  Plus for all of that water in Venice – I knew my phone had no chance.

The Bandolier is a phone case with a strap. They are super fashionable and come in many colors of leather and vegan leather with changeable straps. Hearing the horror stories of thieves cutting your purse strap, I opted for the chain and leather strap – plus I thought it could transition nicely from day to night.

You can find it on Amazon from Bandolier! HERE

*Don’t forget to check out the purse add on too!

2) Extra Large Hanging Toiletry Bag

I went for 3 weeks so I needed a toiletry bag that could hold it all. Plus I knew it needed it to hang due to limited or no counter space in most European bathrooms. So glad I purchased this bag. It was perfect and roomy – with a small detachable bag at the bottom for your daily makeup, etc.  I love how the sections were see-through so that I wasn’t always digging for my items. There is also an outside pocket that I kept my makeup wipes in. At 12×9.4 it can hold so much!

Get it on Amazon: HERE


3) Packing Cubes

I chose the Eagle Creek Compression Cubes.  Any packing cube will make your trip organization better, however I like how lightweight these nylon cubes are. If you buy the cubes that are more formed and you use the contents, putting those items in a dirty laundry bag, then you will run out of space in your suitcase.

These bags not only zip with an extra zipper to compress the contents, once they are emptied out they are super flat and light for the trip home. I like to have a selection of packing cubes to choose from depending on my trip.

Get it on Amazon: HERE

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