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Hello! I’m Erica – I live in sunny, HOT, Gilbert Arizona and I love it! Well…sometimes not so much by the end of the summer here, but I do love the rest of the year! I grew up in a south suburb of Chicago until I was 17, so this weather is a welcome change.

I am an empty nester now, and even have grand babies!  Some days it’s eerily quiet around here, others I appreciate being able to only worry about the pups’ feeding schedules. Oh, and the hubby too, of course! Now we have more time to travel and I can’t wait to see even more of the world.

Not quite a fashionista, and not skinny like I was before children, I still love fashion, clothing, jewelry, makeup, travel, food etc. My makeup is more natural for the most part, and I pack like I’m leaving for the whole summer when I travel! And I love products. All kinds of fun and pretty stuff!  While I love clothes, lately finding styles that fit my ever-changing, aging, and not so slender body, while staying trendy, is a bit more difficult. So I’m always on the lookout and want to share my finds with you too.

A little background about my personality: Since I was a little girl I would critique everything to such an extent that my parents called me “one things wrong”. Now what they didn’t understand at the time was that I wasn’t complaining as much as letting them know what could be better! LOL.  I still do that today; I find the pros and cons of everything and I love to pass it along. Just because something looks nice, doesn’t mean it IS nice.

A couple of years ago, I  started an online shop, which I still have – Threadcessories. The hard part about the store is that I can’t carry all of what I like and for all sizes. I kept finding products and clothing I was so excited about and didn’t have tens of thousand of dollars to keep it all in stock! I wanted to tell everyone so much about each item and why it was great and even what could be better. I think by showing and writing about different brands will help you see and experience way more.

One of my favorite things to do is each time that I visit with my sister-in-law, or BFF, we go through each other’s products, see what each of us have that’s new, give each other recommendations, talk about new things we found and show each other our clothes, shoes, socks, etc.  I want to make this blog more of an experience…like being with a friend.

I hope this blog brings you fun, confidence, and joy an that you enjoy it as much as I do!

*Most blogs and this site will have affiliate links. What’s an affiliate link? That means if you click on the links of the items I tell you about and buy them, I may receive a small commission from the seller. You do not have to use my links, but if you do I thank you for your support. Note, a lot of times I will tell/show you about things that don’t have affiliate links, I just want to share. All opinions are my own and are not paid for.

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